We, at OR PAZ, are doing the best we can that you will find your perfect match!

If however, you purchased an item and wish to replace or return it, please read these instruction carefully, as they shall apply on any such replacement or return order.

Any costumer who purchased an item she would like to return, may choose to get a refund or credit, subject to the terms herein:

 Cancellations and Returns

  1. You can cancel a transaction that was approved on the Website within 14 days as of receipt of the items.
  2. For submitting a cancellation request, please send you request to support@orpazstudio.com
  3. If the transaction was cancelled while the item is still in our possession, you will get refunded for the transaction, according to applicable laws and regulations.
  4. If the transaction was cancelled following the receipt of the item, you are required to return the item. Contact us here at support@orpazstudio.com to schedule pick-up for your return.
  5. Please note that in the event that the items have already passed to the delivery company, the shipping cost will not be refunded.
  6. If a purchase was made via a voucher, you could only get store credit, and not a refund.
  7. The refund will be provided to the credit card that the transaction was made through, within ___ days as of the day when the items were received at our facilities, and subject to the credit card company’s policy.
  8. You can only return undetected items in their original box with the tag attached to the item.
  9. If the cancellation is due to a defect in the item (not caused by you or by natural wear and tear); inconsistency between the item as presented on the Website ordered and the one received; or due to significant delay in the delivery of the item, you must inform us about such, and we will coordinate (by us or third party) a time and date for picking up the item and cancelling the transaction.
  10. A cancellation notice must include all details of the transaction, including order number; description of the returned item; ID; and if such cancellation request was provided by phone – an additional identifiable information.
  11. In any event, and notwithstanding the above, any item that was specially and custom made for you, are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable.
  12. Refund for taxes paid, shall be at your sole responsibility and directly with your local tax and costume agencies. 

 Exchange and Refund:

 Any customer who wishes to exchange a purchased item with another, can do so, subject to the following:

  1. Exchanges are possible until 14 days as of receipt of the item.
  2. You must submit an exchange request by using this mail: support@orpazstudio.com Exchanges will be valid against the same item in different size or color, but not for different items.


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